About Me


So there I was: stranded on a remote island for five months with nothing but a group of European coders to survive.


In a different life, when "pandemic" was just my favorite board game, I was living my professional dream as a curriculum developer at a boarding school in Beijing. I'd always been a language lover. I imagined I'd live out my professional career writing books, teaching English, and learning the native language of wherever my travels took me. And I was doing it: teaching by day and writing/performing stand-up comedy by night. Then, while I was vacationing on a small island off the coast of Thailand during Chinese New Year 2020, my return flight was suddenly cancelled because a strange virus had suddenly broken out across the world.

Gap year students panicked. Vacationers went home early (if they could). I had to get back to Beijing, somehow. Then the ferries stopped. I was trapped. But you know who wasn't trapped?

The coders.

Even in the midst of the most terrifying event in recent history, the digital nomads I'd met seemed completely unfazed. And why not? To these coders, home and office were wherever you decided to prop your feet, and these guys were sipping smoothies out of coconut husks on the beach. I knew then that there was something special about this profession. I never got back to Beijing, but I'd gained something more valuable. When I started coding myself, I completely caught fire.

Web development scratches all of the itches that drive me. I GET to solve puzzles like a gamer. I GET to iterate like a poet. I GET to learn like a polyglot. And I GET to share the fruits of my labor with YOU!

My specialties include quick adaptation to new programming environments, problem solving, website optimization, and the MVC design pattern. I'm fluent in the .NET tech stack and I codeswitch between JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, BootStrap and SQL. Let's connect and build something beautiful together, because to me, coding isn't just a passion: it's a lifeline.


Kasey Wahl